Welcome “Passport” Travelers!

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March 27, 2011 Welcome fellow “Passport” travelers from the AMS annual conference in Chicago, and to all those interested in joining our travel around the world through food preparation. Please click on the Recipes icon if you are interested in the recipes I shared during my workshop. And please share your own favorite international children’s recipes–I would love {More...}

A is for Apple

February 14, 2009 By Debra Gorman Cagle Have you ever noticed how fun it is to eat an apple? While eating itself is a total sensory experience, partaking of an apple is somehow more appealing than most other foods. To begin with, there are so many varieties of apples from which to choose. The apple is the most {More...}

Montessori4Life Website

February 8, 2009 Wecome to the Montessori4Life website. Please feel free to add comments or ask questions regarding the Montessori4Life Materials Company website. We also welcome queries regarding any article of mine you have read, or workshop I presented that you attended, or a dialog on any Montessori topic related to a 3 to 6 year old classroom. {Tags: , , } {More...}